Book Box Club: March 20

March BoxSo this month I decided to do my first ever ‘unboxing’ over on my Instagram. I hate the sound of my own voice and I get nervous sweats so this was very stressful! Once I relaxed a bit I loved it and will be doing more of these!

I’ve decided to make it a feature on my blog each month so I can show you all the amazing items that come in these boxes. I’ve been a subscriber to The Book Box Club for almost two years now and absolutely love it – especially the excitement of opening up all the surprise items! There have been a few times where I have had to skip due to financial commitments but never because I’ve wanted to. I couldn’t recommend Book Box Club enough. The items are always amazing and such high quality and ‘the girls’ have been amazing with dealing with any queries I’ve had.

March’s theme was MYTHICAL MONSTERS and it was just as wonderful as it sounds. I’m a huge fan of mythical creatures and I’ve just been reading ‘Mythos’ by Stephen Fry so I’m completely immersed in all things mythological anyway.  I was so excited for this box to arrive and it did not disappoint.

The book this month was ‘Hold Back the Tide’ by Melinda Salisbury and I couldn’t be happier. I’d had my eye on this book for some time as I had seen the beautiful promo work for it and was already a fan of Melinda’s – both of her work and of her as she was very lovely to me during my faint spell at YALC! I also knew this book was set in the Scottish Highlands which is one of my most favourite places on earth. I went on a road trip around Scotland last year and just fell in love so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this murky, atmospheric treat of a book. This book has been placed at the top of my TBR pile so please keep an eye out for a review very soon!

Next comes all the beautiful mythical goodies and I was in for a treat:

Niffler Magnet
With stunning artwork from Emily Carrier this gorgeous Niffler Magnet is perfect for any Fantastic Beasts or Harry Potter fan. You can’t help but to ‘awwwwww’ when you see its cute little face. This is the first time I have received a magnet in a subscription box and I think it’s such a good idea! I can’t wait to get this up on my fridge so I can see the little cutie every time I’m on a hunt for snacks – which is quite often!


Iorek Byrnison Enamel Pin
I accidentally stumbled upon someone else’s unboxing and saw this pin before it arrived. I let out a little squeal when I saw it because of how beautiful it was. I love all things Philip Pullman so this is a real treat. I’m also massively into my enamel pins at the minute and they seem to be the thing I purchase the most. I may even add this to my new jacket instead of putting it on my pin map. You can still purchase this pin individually here so don’t miss out!

Nessie Tea Strainer
If you love/drink loose tea then this is the perfect item. I also think it is a great gift for a friend if they like tea. This tea strainer is shaped like a baby Loch Ness monster which goes so well with Hold Back the Tide and its setting. I went to Loch Ness on my road trip and loved it and I’ve recently lost my favourite tea strainer ball so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Definitely my favourite item in the box and so adorable! Check out OTOTO for more super cute household items!

Dragon Well Loose Tea
Again, as someone who drinks about 10 cups of tea a day and a lover/collector of loose tea, this was a perfect item. The True Tea Company’s ‘Dragon Well’ green tea is described as light, slightly sweet and fruity. I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait to give it a go. I’ll be doing a ‘Bookish Tea’ blogpost soon where I’ll discuss all my favourites and give you tips – keep a look out!

Mythical Monsters Wall Hanging
All the dreamy artwork on this wall hanging was created by the super talented Klara Hawkins. It has so many different, and equally as beautiful, mythical creatures on and will look absolutely perfect on my black bedroom walls. I keep taking this out of the box just to study and stare at it so I can’t wait to get it hung up! So pretty and very high quality.

I think you’ll agree that March’s box was filled with amazing items. Each month I get my money’s worth and I am always blown away by the incredible talent that the artists create. I hope you’ve enjoyed my unboxing and I look forward to writing more in the coming months!



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