Book Box Club: April 20

Full unboxingApril’s subscription box from Book Box Club was filled with loads of amazing items and two books! The theme this month was Cursed Kingdoms and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I love fantasy, fairytales and Disney so I knew whatever was in this book would be perfect for me. Here is a brief description of the wonderful items that arrived in this box:

‘Thorn’ by Intisar Khanani
Based on ‘The Goose Girl’ by the Grimm Brothers, this wonderful book follows the story of Princess Alyrra who is sought after by a very powerful prince and welcomes the chance to leave her own kingdom. However, when she arrives at his kingdom she becomes trapped inside a cruel maid’s body. Can she escape, reclaim her identity and save her kingdom?

I saw a review copy of this available and really wanted it but ended up being really bust with work. When I went back for it someone else had got the book and I missed out so I was SO happy to receive this in the box. I cant wait to get stuck in and, with the beautiful cover being blue, it fits with my May NHS Reading Challenge.

‘Seven Endless Forests’ by April Genevieve Tucholke 
In a desperate bid to save her stolen sister, Torvi sets out on a mission to find her sister and a mysterious, magical sword. The journey will lead Torvi on an adventure unlike any other with twists, turns, joy and sorrow along the way.

I didn’t know much about this book when it arrived but since reading the summary and swooning over another blue cover, I can’t wait to read this. I love retellings and this one is based on the King Arthur era and stories which I love!

‘Fantasy Worlds’ prints with artwork by Cathrin Peterslund
These prints are such high quality and are so beautiful! I put them up on my wall right away. Cathrin is so, so talented! I think these prints just perfectly sum up the endless magic of books and what they can give to a reader. The worlds and creatures coming to life right before the girl’s eyes is so relatable! They are gorgeous! Have a look at some her amazing artwork!

Zelie Soap
This ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ soap by Wild Eve smells so good! The beautiful scents of rose and ylang ylang compliment each other so well and I can’t wait to use this. I use bath products all the time as my baths help me unwind so this will be put to good use very soon. I’m also a massive fan of the CoBaB books and have just finished the second instalment so this was a great item for me. Have at look at Wild Eve’s shop for some more amazing products!

Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask by Book Box Club
This eye mask is stunning and just what I needed right now as I’ve been struggling to sleep. The images are so pretty and is the ultimate item for any Disney or fairytale lover.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ biscuit by Gardners Cookies
I ate this the second I had took the picture and it was ridiculously yummy! I’ve already sat and planned what i’m going to order from Gardners Cookies when I next get paid. The designs are beautiful, the cookies are vegan and they taste amazing. I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and like to think I’m princess Belle so this cookie was perfect – food is always a good gift for me!

‘Rule the World’ patch by Quotify
This patch is so lovely and motivational and i just love the colours. I’m not sure where I’ll put this yet but I’m certain I’ll make use of it!

This box was filled with such lovely, high-quality items that were all about female empowerment and I loved each one. You can soon purchase some of these items at the Book Box Club shop or you can get other items directly from the artists’ shops that are linked. I thoroughly enjoyed this box and cannot wait for the next one to arrive this week – DANGERS & DRAGONS!!


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